Run, Scriv-boy, Run!

AKA Matthew Scrivin waddles 26.2miles around London!

OK, you might not believe it if you look at me, but I have been training for almost a year now to run the London Marathon. Only 26.2 miles separates me from a guilt-free beer or two and it all happens on Sunday 13th April!

I entered the race to fulfil a personal ambition of mine but the London Marathon is also the world’s largest fundraising event. It would be IMMENSE if you could donate something to charity to acknowledge and reward my efforts over the past 12 months. As for which charity – well there are so many I found it hard to choose: so you choose. Send some money to any charity, pick one close to your heart. All of them do a splendid job and I will be very proud to run and represent every penny donated anywhere. When you have, let me know below how much and who to so I know who I am running for! If you want to help but find it as difficult to choose as I did, I do have a few suggestions as I know three other people also running it!

If you aren’t busy on the 13th April, come along and cheer me on! If you have donated, thank you very much for doing so. I’ll do my best to do you proud!

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